Hello world!

This is going to be a blog about my journey through the fascinating world named whisk(e)y. My journey started april 2010 with the purchase of my first bottle of Scotch (in this case a Black Grouse). Soon after opening this bottle, the next bottle was bought. After two blends and some reading about good malt whisky to start with, i bought some bottles of malt whisky (Aberlour 10 and Highland Park 12 ). After these two bottles tasted my journey went around Scotland following the Islands to the Isle of Islay and there I stayed for an while. The whiskies from Islay are still my favourites, but along the way I also came across some very nice sherried ones, so at this moment I’m an Peathead but also a Sherryhead. At this moment I estimate the amount of whisky tasted will be around 40 different ones. Some of the bottles in my collection are still closed, but I’m not investing in whisky. It’s just there isn’t enough time in one day, luckely the bottles don’t walk away when they aren’t opened.

Till the next time,

Slainte Mhath!


About gjr71

Whisky enthousiast, working for a auditing firm. Loves Whisky, Wine, Music and a good meal.
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