New whisky added to my collection

Today I visited one of my favorite liquor store’s : DH17. I came to pickup my reserved bottle of Glenfarclas 175th anniversary, but I left with much more whisky and a empty wallet. The whisky’s I bought  :

  • – Glenfarclas 175th anniversary
  • – Nikka From the Barrel 12I06C
  • – Blanton Single Barrel Bourbon Special Reserve bottled 18-06-09 form barrel 41, Warehouse H, Rick no 11
  • – Clynelish 1997 from cask 4645, dist. 18-04-1997, bot. 06-09-2010 bottle 32 of 150 XVII Single Cask Serie
  • – Glendronach Single Cask dist. 16-02-1996, bot. 10/2010 cask 1486, bottle 240 of 380
  • – Benromach Single Cask dist. 11-12-2000 cask 725 Exclusively for Van Wees

For some of these whisky’s I cleaned out the store (sorry Elise !).




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4 Responses to New whisky added to my collection

  1. elisevt says:

    Geeft niks hoor, ik heb vandaag het hele whisky schap onder handen genomen! Nieuwe soorten erbij, plaats gemaakt voor nieuwe onafhankelijke bottelingen en sommige whisky’s wat duidelijker/overzichtelijker weg gezet 🙂

    Jammer dat ik je niet gezien heb, hoorde van mijn vader dat het heel gezellig was en we je altijd kunnen bellen als we hulp nodig hebben 🙂

  2. wow.

    lovely stuff you picked up.

    how is the 175? have yet 2 taste it

    • gjr71 says:

      I still have to open the 175, might be doing that tonight, hearing so many good things about it, makes me very curious. Bought a little bit to much whisky and samples this month, Sometimes I don´t now where to start ! Let you know when I tasted it through out twitter.

  3. yea, so let me know, if it’s worth ordering…
    so much whisky, my wife would kill me if i came home with 6 bottles 😉

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