Millstone Peated

For my second tasting note I have chosen a Dutch Whisky. I’m Dutch so you have to have tasted at least one. The underlying object of this review is the 2010 Millstone Peated Whisky. Mine is labelled as bottle number 506 from dual casks 570 and 571, distilled on 5th of February 2005 and bottled 9th September 2010. Its packaging is quite simple; you get just the bottle no more and no less. The bottle is matt finished. More important however is the taste. The colour of the whisky is nice amber, the glass I used a Libbey tasting glass.

Nose:Fruit, no questions possible. Most powerful, the banana and peach.  After a while accompanied by some spices (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom) and some oak. It’s called peated but I’m struggling to find some amount of peat. Is it too much fruit? For me no, I like it al lot.

Taste: It won’t come as a surprise but it’s fruity all the way. It’s delicate and quite soft (bottled at 40%), good dram before a good meal. Some honey sweetness is accompanying the fruitiness. Again I’ve problems finding the Peat. After a while in the glass I think I spotted some, but very light and on the background of the dram. It’s not too complex, but in a way I like it, but I expected somehow more influence of the Peat, so I have to lessen my points given somewhat.

Finish: It’s a fairly young whisky and it hasn’t have a very long finish. It’s all right but …Wait a minute I finally get some Peat in my mouth. After swallowing a sip, you’ll get a slight dry peated feeling in the back of your throat. It’s nice in its fruitiness. I would like the opportunity to taste this whisky again at a slightly higher ABV for some more punch. It’s now extremely friendly.

Balance:Well what to say about this item? Is there a balance, or is the fruitiness overpowering everything? To me it’s balanced, but not as a Peated dram. When reading the label I expect more peatiness, not the quite hefty peat of a Laphroaig or so, but to me it’s too much on the back ground. Forgetting the label states Peat, well there is not much wrong with the balance to me. But given the fact that you buy a Peated whisky well it’s not quite what I expected!!

Points/Price: So adding the numbers and we have: 82 points priced at around 50 euro’s.


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Whisky enthousiast, working for a auditing firm. Loves Whisky, Wine, Music and a good meal.
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