Lagavulin “Port Ellen” 16 years old OB

For this review I picked one of my favorite whisky’s : The Lagavulin 16 year old, bottling code L8144CM000, bought in my home town, but on the backside fitted with a label “Importer : Diageo Suisse SA 1020 Renens”. The code states that this is the 2008 bottling, bottled at the usual 43%. Due to this bottling comes from Diageo, the whisky is colored by adding E150a. The color of the whisky is nice dark glowing amber, but this doesn’t mean much.

Nose:A very nice dark, intense smoked coastal flavor, accompanied by a somewhat sweet touch (raisins/sherry like).

Taste:Full bodied, smooth, chewable taste of peaty smokiness, accompanied by some herbal and some saltiness (coastal). Enjoyable to let it swirl around in for quite a while in your mouth, thus diluting it and some creamy, oily, velvet like feeling in your mouth gets through, but never forgetting the intense dark smokiness of the dram.

Finish:Long, warming and a little bit dry. Swallowing brings down some heat (pepper), but all very beautiful balanced out. The finish takes it time to die out, letting you enjoy the powerful intense dark smoked taste of this dram.

Balance:Well it’s balanced. The flavors are not struggling in your mouth, but all adding up to the end result. It’s a dram to relax with, drinking it at a slow pace, enjoying every sip you take, re-smelling your glass is even the next day a pleasure.

Points/Price range: 91, price-range € 45-€50.


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Whisky enthousiast, working for a auditing firm. Loves Whisky, Wine, Music and a good meal.
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