Bruichladdich Peat

Bruichladdich produces whisky under several names. You have got Bruichladdich (peat levels around 20), Port Charlotte (ca. 40 ppm) and Octomore (ppm levels up to 150). This time I’m having a Bruichladdich Peat. Due to it’s extention in the name it has a peat level of 35. It comes in an very nice package, made out of tin. It has no age statement , it’s a multi vintage expression. Bottled Non-Chill Filtered at 46%. So time to see how that is evolving and fill up a glass. The glass is the usual Libbey Tasting Glass. The color is light gold.

Nose:  On the label it states that it is “one of the peatiest Islay Single Malt whiskies around”, but this is not evident on the first encounter with the nose. It’s more somewhat fruity, somehow something like a honey melon comes in mind. With a second nosing the peat shows up, but even then in a rather different way than you would expect form a peated Islay. The more medicinal tones of peat/smoke are absent, instead you get a nice clean, crisp, somewhat sweet kind of peat/smokiness.

Taste: The statement on the label comes to play in the taste. You get peat and smokiness, the later as in a type of smokiness you find in barbequed peanuts, or a nice dried and smoked ham. Again the sweet fruitiness accompanied with some hot spices (pepper, hot paprika) balances the taste out.

Finish: Somewhat peppery and quite long, after some time you get a somewhat dry and salty feeling in your mouth, of course again accompanied by a delicate and slightly fruity type of peat. It takes it time to die out completely.

Balance: It has a nice balance between some sweet fruit and the peat, dancing around each other but never over empowering one of them. It becomes somewhat simple, you won’t find many different flavors after a while in the glass, but it’s a nice dram. The peat doesn’t hit you in the face, but comes in from behind, attacking you gradually.

Points/price : It comes at a price of ca € 35 and it scores a solid 85 points for me !


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