Bowmore 8 year old (OB)

This particular bottling was intended for the Italian market. It comes with the bottle code L0 157 09:49. According to this it’s bottled on the 157th day of 2000 at the time of 09:49. So it has been sitting quite a long time in the bottle until it founds its way to my whisky-shelf (bought it late 2010). As stated it has an age statement of 8 year. It comes at a ABV of 40% and will be probably chill filtered. The colour of the dram is light gold.

Nose: Well this is nice, a combination of springtime at the sea (not directly on the beach, but around the coastal area) combined with the peat smoke. Very fresh, balanced but still you know it’s a whisky from Islay. Some salty almost Oyster like smell (after you put your lemon on it) with tones of seaweed and a light sweetness of some honey.

Taste: Full flavour of peat, quite dry smokiness, but balanced out with some fruitiness (again citrus). Somewhat oily feeling in your mouth. After a while some oak comes in to play, accompanied with some saltiness.

Finish : Distinctively Islay, quite long, warming peat smoke, somewhat dry, the freshness on the nose dies in the more peaty finish. The honey sweetness stays with you. After a while you will get a somewhat bitterness from the wood . But together it gives you a soft, but islay flavoured finish.

Balance: The dram is good balanced out. It will be a good quite friendly dram to start you’re exploration of the Islay whisky’s with. It’s not the raw power of a Laphroaig, or the more delicate peat/smoke of the (normal) Arbeg. It stays with you during a long time.

Points : 83. Well we’re almost there, wait what does this whisky costs : You can get it around a price of € 27 (


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