Caol Ila Moch

This is a not widely available whisky. It seems that it is bottled for the European Continental market (probably Germany). It has no visible bottling codes on the bottle/labels, but it is bottled in 2010. The whisky has no age statement, but it is considered a quite young Caol Ila (the rumour states somewhere around 8 years old. The term “Moch” translates in  Gaelic as “Dawn” , so let see if there is any dawn in there. Due to the fact that this is a product from the Diageo range it is coloured with E150a (why o why did they do that ?) The colour is despite the adding of colouring very light straw yellow. Leaves me with the question what the colour would be if there wasn’t any E150a in play. But despite of this colouring let’s go to the most important part of a whisky, start tasting it !!

Nose: Clean and fresh, a gentle peat smoke arrives in your nose, but the nose has some fresh sweetness also (cold white fresh grape). Again it’s somewhat coastal, some salt and freshness of a dewy dawn in the early summer. The smoke is quite on the background as a nearby camp fire. Very enjoyable nose.

Taste: The nose still intrigues me, but let’s force myself to taste it. Again it’s clean, crisp, fresh, friendly and then the peat smoke hit you. Again it has , well to my taste, somewhat of a white grape, fresh, somewhat tart , some dryness and some sweetness taste next to some coastal saltiness. Very clean and decently smoked, but quite delicate.

Finish: Well I think this is why the rumour goes around that it’s a young whisky, it dies out quite quickly, tempting you to take a another sip and gladly doing so. Leaving you with a slightly dry smokiness feeling in the back of your mouth.

Balance: It ‘s very well balanced. The dram is to me very intriguing and keeping me want to drink it again and again and……. You will be addicted to this whisky very soon. It has a nice soft, sweet touch that it isn’t hard to drink, it’s tempting to empty the bottle very soon.

Points : 90, comes at a price around € 32 at DH17 so it is the bargain of the year !!


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Whisky enthousiast, working for a auditing firm. Loves Whisky, Wine, Music and a good meal.
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