Sample: Glen Ord 25 years

This is the oldest whisky I have tasted so far. It has been distilled back in 1978 and bottled in 2004 as a special Diageo bottling. It is bottled at cask strength, for this one it means 58,3%. There are only 600 bottles available of this whisky, but it is still available in several shops. The whisky aged in a mixture of European and American Oak barrels. The colour is somewhat darkish yellow-gold.

Nose: The nose starts off a little bit nervous, displaying some tones of young hay, accompanied with ripe fruit (figs, raisins). After a while coming to rest in a more fruity balanced note with an herbal tea and a slight smokiness and saltiness on the background. Slight oakiness looks around the corner, as if it wants to come and play. Smell makes me feel relaxed. It is very very good!!

Taste: Again this is a dram you will have to force you self to taking a sip, the glass automatically will go up to your nose. The feeling in your mouth is very full bodied and powerful, oily and smooth, but never displaying its high alcohol percentage. This is good stuff. It has a peppery taste that is to my liking as I discovered in several other tasted whiskies, but never s overpowers the fruitiness. It lets you swirl your sip around your mouth for a long time before you have to swallow it. Taking a next sip brings out citrus fruity tones with a nice balanced woodiness and some cinnamon.

Finish: Again balanced pepper with some smokiness as in an herbal tea. Smooth, creamy and oily, but more simplistic. The power of the nose seems to fade away to the finish. The taste stays quite long in your mouth, so you have more time to nose it again (best part of the dram). Some oaky bitterness appears on the back of your tongue.

Balance: My first encounter with a whisky almost as old as I am (I am from 1971) and was it a bad encounter, no not at all. The dram is very good balanced and has a nice tang of the cask strength ABV but it does not need adding water for me. The nose is the best part of the dram after you give it some time to get relaxed in your glass. After that you get a playful dram where lightly smoked spiciness (pepper) plays with lots of fruit and some freshly cut farm grasses (hay). To me it is a dram for relaxation. Somehow it gets me more relaxed.

Points: 92 Price € 85 available at whiskysite


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