Glendronach Revival 15 year old

This bottle I won in the contest organized by whiskyisraell . It arrived from Israel this week and I’m very curious about this whisky. So let us start. It is bottled at 46% ABV. After pouring it into a Libbey Tasting glass you will notice the beautiful rich mahogany colour, with a strong red glow.

Nose: While pouring it you will instantly get the usual sherry notes, accompanied with a little bit of rubber. It has a quite powerful nose of dried raisins, some mushrooms (Portobello/shiitake) and balsamic vinegar. After a while in the glass you will get the smell of the whisky even if the glass is several inches away. Getting a little bit of sulphur in the background. Renosing brings out bittersweet-orange chocolate and some herbal (lavas style) notes.  The nose is as stated quite powerful somewhat rough, but not in an unpleasant way.

Taste: Very sweet taste, soft and gentle. Again the raisins  (duh) are coming through accompanied with the same chocolate notes as on the nose. After a while in your mouth it gets more spicy, some cloves and cinnamon, but also some nuttiness as in an amontillado sherry. Again some sulphur notes arrive, but to me they are not something I dislike in this dram, because I think the taste is greatly balanced.

Finish: Quite long and pleasant. It has a somewhat dry finish. The spiciness as started in the taste getting bigger on the finish, again the cloves and cinnamon appear, but some little bit of anise surprises me. After a few sips forget the “Somewhat dry finish”, it is becoming very dry and tannin like.

Balance: It is a sherry whisky and it states it in every aspect of the tasting, from the raisins and balsamic, through a little bit of sulphur to the very dry tannin like finish. But overall it has quite a good balance although it is to my liking a little bit to dry on the finish. It is a very good whisky to me and I think I will enjoy emptying the rest of the bottle with no reservations at all.

Points: 87 price € 40 at whiskysite


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2 Responses to Glendronach Revival 15 year old

  1. gal says:


    glad you liked it. it’s a sherry whisky alright from start to finish!

    i enjoyed the Moch! read about it in my blog)


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