Sample : William Larue Weller 2008

This will be quite a different dram while it is a wheated bourbon, meaning that beside the at least 51% of corn in this bourbon a significant part of the remaining percentages will be filled with wheat. Generally this type of bourbon will be softer in taste, but this one comes at a reasonable high ABV of 62.65%. It is also part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, so it will not be easy to find a bottle in a shop. This particular one is bottled in 2008 and can be found at Master of Malt for a price of 96 UK pounds.  The glass used is the good old Libbey Tasting glass. So let’s go on and fill the glass with a nice dram. The color is a nice darkish amber.

The nose: The first smell is quite alcoholic, but the bourbon style sweetness of the corn shines through immediately. Fruits like banana (rum style) and honey takes the upperhand. The nose reminds me in a way of the Plantation Rum I tasted earlier. The nose is nicely balanced sweet with toffee apples and molasses. The nose evolves in time by adding some nutmeg and raisins to the overall sweetness.

The taste: Somewhat sharp alcoholic mouth-feel at first but delivering a very clean sweetness to your senses. The rum-like sweetness of the molasses is very pleasant accompanied by some sweet berries and vanilla. It gives you a tropical I guess a somewhat Carabean feeling. There is a lot going on taste wise in your mouth, without being able to tell you precisely what it is.

The finish:A warming sweetness with a little dry medium finish. It finishes in a somewhat creamy, buttery style accompanied with some delicate oak influences and some blackberry fruitiness.

The balance:A very good balanced dram, nice sweetness with fruit and oak influences, will do as a good after dinner dram I guess or even as a companion of a nice piece of extra dark chocolate. I’m not sure due to a lack of experience with American style Whiskey/Bourbon what the influence of the wheat part is in this particular dram. It is a very good dram but to my taste somewhat to sweet.

Conclusion: In bourbon I seem to be lacking somethings taste-wise to get very high scores. I do not dislike them (If I did I would not scoring would be much lower), but again I would not buy a bottle of this particular one either.

Points : 86 points.


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