Clynelish XVII’s Single Cask 1997/13yo

This particular Single Malt whisky comes from the range of XVII’s whiskies; XVII’s is a brand of DH17slijterijen. They have a range of own bottling including this particular fellow. It is a Single Cask (cask 4645) Non Chill Filtered and Natural Colour. The whisky is distilled 18-04-1997, bottled 06-09-2010; fully bourbon matured and is numbered 32 of 150. It has quite a low ABV of 48,9% for a young single cask whisky. Tasting glass is the good old Libbey glass. So let’s go on. The colour is very light straw yellow.

The nose: Some sweet (light honey) and fresh aroma’s of a summery fruit salad backed up by the vanilla tones of the bourbon wood, but also some flower/grassy and herbal tones as if you were walking through a blossoming garden. Not quite easy to pinpoint the type of fruit, but it keeps developing in clean, crisp, freshly and zesty tones. Very intriguing and complexity names it all.

The taste: The taste confuses me while I’m getting a somewhat sherried waxy feeling (in my mind more or less the same as with the Balvenie Double Wood) but it didn’t have a Sherried or even European Oak finish. Regardless this puzzle, it is nicely soft and creamy, with a touch of smoke and saltiness as you will experience with a walk along the beach. But it stays quite clean with the freshness of some light citrusy fruits and apple.

The finish: The finish has a nice spicy zing attached to it, especially when you swirled your sip around your mouth for a while. It is a bit dry, but as soon as the sip is swallowed you will notice the longing for a next sip. It is not the most complex finish to my opinion but it serves the dram very well.

The balance: The dram has no really shortcomings, the nose is the best part, the finish somewhat dull, but overall it will serve it purpose and due to the lightness and fresh fruitiness of the nose it will do very well as a summery dram.

At the end I diluted the dram with a splash of water; the nose did not really survive it, getting quite well diluted. The taste lingers in spiciness somewhat more then I prefer. So no adding water the next time!

Points: Very nice dram for a nice spring day, no faults, no extreme highlights, just a very nice dram of Scotch so 82 points. Available at DH17slijterijen.


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2 Responses to Clynelish XVII’s Single Cask 1997/13yo

  1. The low strength is because they watered it down a bit to get more bottles, or so Elize told me… I wondered about it too.

    Sounds like a pretty nice Clynelish! Although they’ll never be as good as they were in the early 80’s and 70’s 😉

    • gjr71 says:

      Idea of watering down the dram came to mind, luckily they didn’t water it down to much, while adding some more water did not do the dram any good.

      Have still a sample waiting of the 37 year old Clynelish from TWE Bottle Share, so can compare them in a while when I find the time, so many things to be tasted and so short of time, but you now what I am talking about 😉

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