Twitter tasting of four! Mackmyra Whisky’s part 1

Monday the second of May I got involved in another twitter tasting. But this time the subject wasn’t a whisky from Scotland, but from Sweden. By the courtesy of Angela D’Orazio (Master Blender Twitter: @Angelasshare) and Colin Campbell (Twitter: @TheScotsdreamer) we (10 people worldwide) found four samples of whisky’s of this Distillery in our mailboxes some time before the actual tasting took part. The fun part was that when the package arrived only one of them was already available on the Swedish Market, one was launched May 2nd and the other two are going to be launched in August this year. So it was quite a privilege to already have the opportunity to taste them already.

As the readers might have noticed I’m giving this review a “part 1” extension, so there will be another part covering the two whiskies’s which are due to be launched in August very soon. In this part I will cover the first two of the tasting. The glasses I used were the Libbey Tasting Glasses. So let’s start.

Mackmyra Bruskwhisky

This whisky is a vatting of the base whisky (matured 5-6 years in ex-bourbon barrels) and an “elegant” recipe of spicing casks (quarter casks of new Swedish Oak) and one cask of the distilleries smoky whisky. It comes at an ABV of 41, 4%. The colour is a pale straw. As soon as you open the bottle an intense fruitiness immediately arrives. After some time followed by some toasted wood and the fruits slowly can be determined into cherry/some semi sweet apple/banana. It is a balanced somewhat honeyed elegant nose. The taste is quite spicy (we found out that this arrives from the Swedish Oak, which deliver more spice to the fluid then American Oak), some white pepper, but also creamy/buttery (more rounded although I do not like this term). The finish is quite long with some woodiness (slightly dry/bitter) and to the last drop the pepper spiciness will be keeping you busy. Overall this is a good balanced dram. It‘s elegant, not very complex but very good as a daily dram

Points: 80 Price in Sweden € 45

Mackmyra Special: 06 Sommaräng (Summer Meadow)

Again a vatting of a base whisky, only matured now for 7 years, combined with an array of spicing casks (Quarter Casks/Blood Tubs of ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, new American Oak and new Swedish Oak). This whisky was released in Sweden just this week (2nd of May). The colour a light straw like. This one is bottled at a higher ABV of 46, 8%. I’d expected the nose to explode out of the bottle as it was the case with the Brusk, but it rather came out very reserved. This one needs more time to evolve in your glass. After a while the nose gets rather complex, as if there is a fight going on. The most obvious smell is a quite a lot of pepper, accompanied by fighting wood tones and a rather light sweetness. After more time there is some light fruitiness showing with banana and some grapes. The taste is less spicy then the nose would let you expect. Tones I am getting are the fruitiness of peach/apricot and some banana. With some water added there comes a slight refreshing mint flavour in play. The finish is despite of the use of some small cask not quite so dry or bitter. It is very long and velvety (it’s coating your throat with a nice soft layer of cream). Very nice finish. Overall it is quite good balanced after you give it some time in your glass (dram needs it and deserves it!).

Points 83 Price in Sweden € 67 Availability outside Sweden on request.


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