Twitter tasting of four! Mackmyra Whisky’s part 2

After publishing part 1of this quite unique twitter tasting yesterday it is now time to finish it and post the two last ones. Both are whiskies in the Moment range (very limited editions) and will be launched to the Swedish market in August this year. There will be approximately 1460-1470 bottles brought to market of both whiskies, but a large firm already bought 650 bottles of them both. It is an honour for me to be able to taste these whiskies so far before they will be available, so thanks for that Angela (the Master Blender) and Colin (tweeter which organised this tasting). Enough small talk and let’s go to business. The glass used is the Libbey Tasting Glass.

Mackmyra Moment Jord (Moment Earth)

This is a whisky vatted from a whisky casked in 2003 in four refill hogsheads, vatted together with some whiskies finished in French Bordeaux wine cask. It comes at an ABV of 55,1%. The colour is a nice mid golden amber. When opening the bottle you immediately will get the influence of the wine casks, a lot of red fruits and grapes arrives quickly. After a while you get more balsamic vinegar and a more fortified wine (like a robust Porto) nose. There is also something strange in the nose, later on described as something glue like (Velpon), but to me it is not something that had a negative influence (neither a very positive one also). The taste shows the seemingly trademark of Mackmyra: Peppery Spices, but accompanied with some the fortified robust Porto flavours of ripe dark forest fruits, but also some chocolate like liquor filled bonbons. There are also some honeysweet and wood influences to be found in the taste. The finish is quite long and bringing out the pepper, wood and dark fruits in a very excellent way. This is a taste/finish I like a lot!! The balance is very good albeit that I don’t exactly know how to react on the glue-ish nose. This one really surprised me.

Points: 88 Price in Sweden ca € 123

Mackmyra Moment Drivved (Moment Driftwood)

Again this whisky is vatted from a whisky casked in four refill hogsheads that matured for seven years, vatted together with some smoky whisky from an ex-bourbon cask and also a touch of an on new Swedish Oak matured whisky. It comes at an ABV of 55,5%. The colour is a bright yellow gold. After pouring the whisky you will get the feeling of a walk along the coastal area’s or countryside alongside the coastal area in mid spring.  It brings you some beautiful saltiness (like Fleur de sel) accompanied with the some smokiness and is quite intense. After a while the fruit comes into play with some lemon and some peach. The taste is a little bit salty, but extremely floral with nice wood influences (soft like wood (some described it as Sandalwood)). The intensity of the nose follows you in the taste: it’s quite intense, rich and well quite velvety. The finish is quite long and just now the spicy peppery notes arrives slowly and with gradually growing power, resulting in a fresh but also warming feeling when the whisky flows into your stomach. The balance is great and the whisky takes you for a very pleasant ride. Again, just like the Jord this is a very good whisky, but I somehow prefer the Jord just a bit more.

Points: 87 Price in Sweden ca € 145

A final remark to the prices mentioned. They are quite high but you will have to keep in mind that the taxation of alcohol beverages in Sweden is reasonable high. I only can hope that the price level, if it ever makes it to the Netherlands will be substantially lower for both of the Moments.


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One Response to Twitter tasting of four! Mackmyra Whisky’s part 2

  1. gal says:

    I can assure you Gert that prices in Israel are HIGHER than in sweden.
    believe it or not.

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