#Kintra twitter tasting

Yesterday I participated in yet another Dutch Twitter Tasting. This time organised by DH17slijteren. The subject this time wasn’t a brand, but three expressions of an independent bottler. So far so good, but the independent bottler is Kintra whisky and this is a Dutch independent bottler, who started about a year ago with several single cask whisky’s. Tonight there are three new expressions taking to the Twitter sphere. For me it was a first encounter with this bottler as a first encounter with every brand involved.

Kintra Dalmore 1999/11yo Sherry Butt 57,2% ABV (120 bottles)

The first dram is the youngest of the three subjects, but also the one with the highest ABV (a little bit strange to start with this one, but let see what it delivers). At thirst there is a somewhat acetone in the nose, but also some flavours as if I am nosing a bourbon. This disappears quickly and is fading into citrus, almond oil (sweet and nutty) and some raisins. Due to the alcohol level this one needs time in the glass and some water. After adding the water the dram opens in a fruity festival of several dried fruits. The palate is not much different than the nose, lots of dried fruits, more sweet citrus fruit (more orange like), with a tang of alcohol (somewhat stinging). Hmmm difficult dram. I felt like the time used in this tasting (almost 30 minutes) is too short for this dram to fully understand it. Tweaking with water could get the dram to a higher level, but there was neither time nor whisky enough for this type of playing the dram. Points are difficult, but will be around: 80 points

Kintra Ardmore 1992/18yo Cask 4907 49,8% ABV (120 bottles)

While pouring this dram into the tasting glass, you will notice a immediate smoky touch of some peat not the hefty Islay peat smoke, but a somewhat more delicate type of peat smoke. The smoky touch is very fresh and crisp, accompanied with some pineapple and some floral (blossoms)/herbal notes. The taste is as grilled fruit, the charcoal and grilled flavour of a grilled piece of pineapple or fresh and firm apples, with a nice sal-ammoniac (old black and white powder (candy)) and bay leaves hint that spices the finish up to a comfortable level. Greatly balanced dram a little dry and very enjoyable: 89 points

Kintra Tamdhu 1990/20yo Cask KW001 48,1% abv (84 bottles)

This last one is a first fill sherry cask matured dram and it looks like it! A nice dark colour, beautiful amontillado sherry smell, with a lot of fudge and maple syrup in the nose. It took me by surprise and was struck in silence by the beauty of this developing dram.  This is a good dram, the sherry influence is quit hefty but never overpowering, it is balanced by the caramel (the fudge) with a creamy, buttery flavour and taste. After swallowing your mouth is coated with a creamy and velvety layer of taste with a somewhat sweet, but also a little peppery finish. Greatly balanced dram: 90 points


A very great acquaintance with the Dutch independent bottler Kintra, who according to this line-up is fitted with a great nose of beautiful casks. I am left with the feeling that the time was too short to fully understand the drams. Simply the fact that they keep on evolving in the glass till the last sip (about 30 minutes later after pouring it), keeps me curious about what the flavours would be after another 30 minutes or in the case of the Dalmore, where the balance is in getting the best out the dram in the tweaking with water progress. But again this twitter tasting was a lot of fun and looking forward to the next time!  Oh all whisky’s are available at DH17Slijterijen, but probably not for long !


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