Sample: Bruichladdich 17 years Rum cask 2009 46%

The last time I visited DH17slijteren I was surprised with two samples. The subject of this tasting note was one of them,so thanks for that Elise! This dram is a 15 year matured Bruichladdich on American Oak casks (used by Jim Beam) followed by a 2 year finishing period on Rum casks used by Guyana’s Uitvlugt and Enmore Distilleries. The tasting glass used is the standard Libbey tasting glass. The colour is a golden straw.

Nose: Quit clean and crisp nose at first, followed with more linseed oil and a somewhat nutty flavours are coming out. Surprisingly the influence of the rum isn’t easy to be found. There is a somewhat buttery note accompanied with some citrusy notes and some ripe, not
easy to pinpoint stone-fruits aroma’s appear. Needs it times, but develops quite nice.

Taste: At first you will be getting a nice sweetness (light blossom honey) soon followed by a surprisingly nice kick of spiciness. Starting with a ginger like taste (little woody, but also somewhat sharp) flowing into a sharper peppery taste. At the background there are some other spices playing like cinnamon. Very interesting taste, the dram is playing with your senses in your in mouth, then the sweetness wins and the next moment the sharpness is fighting back. I like this type of playfulness in your mouth a lot.

Finish: The finish is quit long with lingering spiciness, velvety and sugary. Somewhat dark citrus notes appear at the back of your tongue (marmalade or something like that).

Balance: The dram is nicely balanced. For me the playful taste is the highlight. I am struggling to find the rum influence in this dram, also because I am not that familiar with rum, nor am I familiar with a non finished Bruichladdich of 17 years old.

Conclusion:  Interesting dram. Somewhat slow development of the nose, followed by a very interesting and playful taste. Not extremely good, but very enjoyable. So time to score: 81 points.


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