Sample: Sazerac 18 Rye 2010 45%

It has been a while, but now it is finally time to round up the Buffalo Trace Antique
Collection Bottle Share. So far I tasted four out of five samples; the remaining one is the Sazerac 18. It is an 18 year old Straight Rye whisky from the 2010 release of this extremely good collection.  As it seems that Rye whiskeys are more of my liking at the moment I am expecting a lot of this dram. Time to open the sample and pour a dram in my trusted Libbey tasting glass.

Nose:  Well it has been a time since I tasted a Rye but I immediately know why I like them so much. The nose is beautiful, with some mild sweetness added to several citrus flavours (orange, mandarin). Present is the caramel combined with some chocolate as in chocolate fudge (which I like a lot!). Still there are some spices around their also, some ginger and nutmeg. After a while the smell gets a little more sugary and some vanilla keeps sticking its nose around also. A great developing nose with some mint influences (green mint as you will find in a better herbal tea). Superb nose!

Taste: At thirst you will encounter the sweetness, followed by a tingling of light ginger spiciness and nice ripe sweet fruits like cherries and the darker orange flavour as you will experience in Orange Marmalade, but also some banana and some stone fruit influences, but also experiencing other spices as nutmeg, cloves and even just an tiny bit of black pepper. It is very nice and keeps you busy finding and tracing all the different flavours.

Finish: Quite a long drying finish, but not so powerful. I am getting the impression that the finish would give you more pleasure if the dram came at a higher ABV. It feels somewhat thin in some aspects, but in other parts it is still excellent as a warming dram for a rainy and somewhat cold day with the spotlights on the fruitiness and less on the spiciness.

Balance: Extremely good balanced dram, not to sweet with a lingering array of evolving fruits topped with an excellent balanced amount of spiciness. A great dram to fill your evening discovering everything this Rye has to offer you.

Conclusion:  This is the best dram of the bottle share due to the nose and the extreme balance in the dram.  It is a great dram but also quite pricy at around 125 euro but I would happily spent that amount of money on this dram (if I wasn’t short on budget for now). So thanks to Sjoerd for organising this bottle share, but know it’s time to conclude this by summing up the results:

5. Eagle Rare 17  82 points

4. William Larue Weller 86 points

2. Thomas H. Handy 90 points

2.  George T. Stagg 90 points

1. Sazerac 18 93 points

Up to
reviewing the next bottle share (Bladnoch share) so lots of great whiskies, I
hope, to follow!


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