Sample Elements of Islay LG1 (56,8% ABV)

I was curious about this range of whisky, due to the special look, so when I found the sample on Sjoerd’s Sample Sale I did not have to think long about it and bought it. So now it is time to investigate one of the earlier Elements of Islay, in this case the LG1 (LG2 is on the market now). LG stands for Lagavulin (The range of Elements of Islay contains every
distillery on Islay except Kilchoman, as far as I know, shortened to a two letter combination). The glass used is the Libbey tasting Glass. So let us start. The colour is straw/light gold.

Nose: You will instantly knows that this is an Islay whisky. It has some coastal effects in the nose, a little bit of saltiness and seaweed comes in mind, followed by different other “wet” smells (i.e. wet hay, wet leather). After a minute the smoke comes in play as of smoked fish or smoked high quality ham, but also a somewhat earthy smell as of truffle. Somewhat behind the smells described before there are some fruit influences stepping into the playing field also (some oriental sweet fruits). Intriguing nose!

Taste : At thirst a blast of smoke and peat which develops into a the distinct dark, warm and earthy taste of a Lagavulin. Intense! After a while in your mouth it develops a somewhat fruity and light sweetness, but the power of the smoke and peat is leading. It is everything you would expect of a Islay style whisky, but it feels somewhat young and missing some complexity of the Lagavulin OB 16 year old.

Finish:  Long peated, smokiness finish, exploding in the back of your mouth and after swallowing climbing up in the back of your nose. Peppery with a slight iodine flavoured finish. Great power and high quality finish, but again young. It is missing some complexity which you will find in some older Islay whisky.

Balance : It is an young and vibrant dram, especially for a autumn or wintery day while sitting in front of a nice burning fireplace and enjoying a nice piece of smoked salmon or trout. I am getting hungry of this dram. It is balanced in his peatiness and smokiness, but misses some complexity which you will encounter in somewhat more aged Islay’s.

Conclusion : If you love Islay style whisky, this is one you must taste. It is a great dram, although not a bargain (not very expensive also). I enjoyed the dram a lot ! Prices at ca € 48 available at DH17slijterijen. Points : 89.


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