Sample John B. Stetson Kentucky Straight Bourbon 42%

For the Netherlands this is a new brand of bourbon on the market. I did get a sample from the liquor shop which is going to promote this bourbon, so thank you for that Elise !  So let us see what this affordable bourbon brings. Pouring it in the usual Libbey tasting glass it shows a nice sunny orange-goldish colour. Looks very nice !


The nose is very fresh, some orange blossom combined with a nice hint of lemon, very fresh and summery. Some woody-spiciness follows after a while, as of fresh bark from a fruit tree. Very enjoyable, but not very complex !


Pleasant soft taste with some honeyed sweetness, again the orange flavours (from a ripe sweet one) takes the lead in the taste. In the taste the corns sweetness (you will find in roasted fresh corn) influence is coming into play. A little bit of the fresh tardiness of green apples is balancing at the background. It is sweeter then the nose lets you expect, but still the freshness keeps around. It is quite simple, but in its simplicity it is quite good !

Finish :

It has not a long finish, due to the freshness and the somehow lack of more powerful flavours it dies out in your mouth quite quickly. It is definite a soft whiskey, I dare to say it is probable the most soft dram I tasted so far. But again I like it in a certain way.


In my opinion it is a quite simple dram, it is not very complex, but yet it displays an very pleasant feel to it, the only danger with this dram is that it is way too easy to drink! You wouldn’t even give it the 42% it is. Every phase of the enjoyment of a dram is balanced in the fresh orange flavoured softness.

Conclusion :

A bit difficult. It is lacking complexity to score a high mark, but it has some major points accounting for it also. It isn’t a dram which blow you away, but it is in my opinion a nice weekday dram. While I have a little problem with over sweet bourbons, this surprised in a positive way While I don’t take the price in consideration with the scoring this would score due to its simplicity 79 points. If I would take the price in consideration it would score easily 10 points more!

While the scoring would lead you to expect different I really like this one and will be adding a bottle to my collection soon, why ? Well for a price of just € 24,99 it is bang for your buck bourbon for a summery night (although it is getting near fall at the moment). Available at DH17slijterijen.


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