Sample #dramset1 Auchentoshan Valinch

The first sample of the first delivery of samples from  DramClubNL is the Auchentoshan Valinch Limited 2011 Release NAS Bottled at 57,5% (part of dramset “normal”). I haven’t tasted a lot of Lowland whisky sofar, so that is the reason to start with this one. The Valinch is seen as the cask strength bottling of the Auchentoshan Classic. I don’t know the Classic as this is the first Aucentoshan I will be tasting. The glass used is my standard Libbey tasting glass. Colour : Mid straw.

The Nose:

Lots of sweet vanilla with some darker notes of citrus (red orange peal and red grapefruit) and crème brûlée. Hints of sweetened barley also. Very fresh. After a while some cloves spiciness appears in the background.

The taste:

I’d expected a sweet taste, but boy what was I wrong, the dram starts off quite peppery, with some wood influences also, feinting in a creamy, full bodied, velvety play of the sweet vanilla with the sweet/sour influences of several citrusfruits. Playfull taste, not bad at all with light wood influence.

The finish:

Quite long tingling finish, very creamy and again crème brûlée comes in mind. The higher ABV isn’t overpowering and the dram could easily be tasted without any water added. Creamy and sweet!

The balance:

Good balanced dram, not too complex though, it is mostly the crème brûlée taste which shines through. There are other influences in the dram, but it is mainly sweet creamy vanilla custard with some orange.


Nice dram, not mindblowing but quite easy to drink at full strength. Points 81. Available at DH17Slijterijen costing € 44,99.


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