DH17’s Whisky of the World tasting

Yesterday I attended another tasting organized by the people of DH17Slijterijen. I found out through twitter that the tasting was going to be something different than usual, and boy they were right. After taking our places downstairs we find ourselves looking at a sheet of paper stating the first three whiskies’s to be tasted and three Glencairn filled with whisky. But hold on, the usual numbers are missing, so what glass is filled with what? Johan from DH17 explained while we all were enjoying some very nice blend of Ardbeg Ice (top half made with Blasda, bottom half made with the Ten), that we all are facing a competition. We had to make an educated guess which whisky was in which glass by using the giving subscriptions and our senses. Oops that would be difficult. With the first three drams I was quite able to fill them out quickly, just by looking at the colours and the smells and in that round I scored 100%. After that we had a break, so Johan could fill the glasses again without us seeing which one went in which glass. I don’t know what happened, but I really messed up the last three. After a first tasting I wrote down some answer, but then I started listening to the other people at the table and I was confused. Finally I changed my answers, turning up all wrong! While my first guess was quite right, so I scored zero in this round. Only one person scored all six right and won The Ardbeg Book: A Peaty Provenance, a Stetson Sample and a Stetsons bag.  So which whiskies did we taste?

Mackmyra Swedish Single Malt 45%

Looking at the colour and smelling me immediate found the distinct smell of the Swedish Oak. After taking a sip I did now it for sure. The nose was quite gentle with a distinct vanilla and fruitiness combination. In the taste the pepper influence of the Swedish oak showed up accompanied by some caramel and forest fruits. The finish had more power and again a little bit of sharpness form the pepper. Not a bad dram at all!

Penderyng 41 Aur Cymry 41%

Smelling this one gave me immediate the smell of fortified wine, in this case the subscription stated that this one was matured in Madeira casks, so this one was easy too. It has quite a crisp/clean smell, expect it to be quite young. The taste was friendly and soft, lacking much complexity. Probably would do well as an everyday dram. The finish, not so long and again very soft and friendly. Not bad either.

Nikka Yoichi 43%

Again the colour and the smell gave this one away. It has the complexity and full bodied smell I did find in the few Japanese Whisky’s I tasted so far.  Tasting it confirmed my judgement. Somewhat dark fruits and chocolate, a hint of sherry influence. Great balance and nice complexity. For me the best dram of the evening.

Jefferson’s Kentucky Straight Very Small Batch Bourbon

This one was difficult. I missed the sweetness you usually get form a bourbon and I did miss the colour hints also. The nose gave away a lot of Coconut and I didn’t pick up the smell of peach as was given in the subscription. It was quite soft and not too complex, rather easy going.

Old Hokonui Blended Malt 40%

Blended malt from New Zealand, which stated on the bottle a pirate symbol and luckily for all of us the announcement “Guaranteed free from Poisons”.  To me a somewhat strange whisky. The bottle was looking funny, but the whisky wasn’t much of my liking. Lacking complexity and very easy.

Greenore Single Grain 8yo 40%

An Irish 100% Single Grain whisky, with a very strange nose, with hints of glue and cactus. My first thought with this one was right, the nose was sweet and grainy, but after tasting it went wrong. The subscription stated Coconut, but I didn’t find it in this one, so I was confused. The nose of this one is very intriguing and fun to play with. The taste again makes it typical and for me strange. I would like the opportunity to play with this one more, so it goes on the wish list.


A tasting in a different way, but what a fun we had. Time was flying and everyone was more or less forced to taste in a different way than they were used to. I rather enjoyed myself (disregard of just scoring just 50%). The best whisky for me was the Nikka, the more intriguing one the Greenore. All whisky available at Dh17slijterijen.


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