#Amrut5 Twitter Tasting

Last week I participated in again a Twitter Whisky Tasting. This time we were able to taste 5 Amrut whiskies. One of them called “Mystery”; this one will be on the markets before Christmas this year. It was a great event to taste these whiskies, so thanks to Colin Campbell  a.k.a TheScotsdreamer and Ashok Chokalingam (Amrut Distillery) for letting us taste these whiskies. All whiskies are due to the maturing circumstances in India young (3 a 4 years old). Glasses used were Libbey Tasting Glasses.

No. 1: Amrut Single Malt (46% ABV)

Nose: Somewhat oriental spiciness with powerful vanilla, some toasted wood. Smells meaty as in spiced grilled ham. Cinnamon influence present.

Taste: Strawberry drops, quite sweet, but also accompanied with slight white pepper influence. Somewhat Orange cake. Bubblegum and toasted almond At least the spiciness kicks in at a pleasant level, accompanied with some light saltiness.

Finish: Quite long, somewhat salty, quite a lot oak, somewhat drying mouth feel with a slight bitterness (tannins).

Conclusion: Nice dram, quite pleasant, but lacking some qualities for high points. Scoring it at 81 points (price approx. € 34)

No 2: Amrut Intermediate Sherry (57,1% ABV)

Nose: Sherry influence present: Nutty, red fruits (Cherrie/raspberry), chocolate and a little bit ginger spiciness combined with citrus freshness. Excellent nose.

Taste: Powerful taste, orange filled chocolate, quite nutty, spicy with cinnamon, star anise and white pepper. Fruity influence from a ripe mango. With water added, more rounded and even more fruity and spicy influences. Somewhat sweeter.

Finish:  Long and drying, again the cinnamon and ginger influence accompanied with a very good dark chocolate. I love these types of sherried whiskies.

Conclusion: Excellent dram, beautiful sherry influence, just excellent. Scoring it at 91 points (price approx € 75)

No 3: Amrut Mystery (61,2% ABV)

Nose: At thirst the alcohol kicks in, after a minute fading away in quite a lot fortified wine influence. Grapes and again chocolate, accompanied with some nuttiness. Quite a lot of sherry/wine influence. Evolves very very beautiful!

Taste: Despite the alcohol very smooth and silky, great balance between the spiciness (pepper/ginger/cinnamon) and fruitiness (grapes, accompanied with exotic fruits as papaya/mango). Just a little bit tannins present.

Finish: Long, loads of chocolate, some coconut and vanilla, very warming and pleasant sweetness.

Conclusion: Superb dram, excellent balanced; don’t know what to say about this one, I only want to find a bottle of this stuff. Problem only approx 60 bottles for the Netherlands. Points 95 (price not known)

No. 4: Amrut Fusion (50% ABV)

Nose: Spicy wood tones, somewhat light peaty influence (the wet type), a slight hint of smoke present. Some sweet orange, wet leather and wet grass. Interesting.

Taste: Displays more peatiness from the peated Scottish barley, creamy and some white pepper also. Milk chocolate.

Finish: Quite long, nice freshness and herbal, with nice wood influence.

Conclusion: Very good balanced dram, not to difficult, but complex enough to enjoy it during a long(er) time. Points 86 (price approx € 44)

No 5: Amrut Peated (46%) 24 ppm

Nose: Mild peat, lots of spices (cardamom, cinnamon) and some floral influence (rose), somewhat chalky, quite smooth. Nice.

Taste: More fresh fruits like green apples, accompanied with green mint leaves, some coastal saltiness and just a bit of white pepper. Mild peat and creamy.

Finish: Long and quite minty, somewhat sweet and silky.

Conclusion: Nice dram, not complex, very nice nose, a little bit too much mint influence for my liking. Points 83 (price approx € 44)

Overall Conclusion:

While Amrut whiskies are quite young, letting a whisky mature for ten years would result in a more or less empty cask, but they can definitely compete with some Scottish whisky from ten to 12 years old. The Sherry and the Mystery surprised me greatly. Great organized tasting, so thanks for that Colin and Ashok (and thank you for the big samples) .Looking forward to the next tasting!




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