Sample #dramset1 Linkwood 15yo Gordon & Macphail 43%

It’s time for a review of a second sample from the first delivery of DH17’s Dutch Dramclub. This one is also from the Normal set and is an independent Linkwood. A brand of whisky I didn’t taste before and isn’t a brand you will encounter very much while most of the whisky distilled at Linkwood disappears into blends, only approx. 2 % is available as an single malt. Enough small talk though, so let us pour this whisky in my Libbey tasting glass. The colour is quite dark and reveals the sherry maturation of this dram (matured in refill sherry casks).


Definitely sherry influenced, rich and dark, grapes, some orange and dark chocolate appears immediately. Followed by a gentle nutty flavour as well. Quite a lot herbal notes also and candied fruits. Light sweetness present. Some hay and vanilla influences appears after a while. Quite pleasant.


Surprising amount of spiciness (pepper) appears at the start, followed by the more sherry like nutty taste and of course some dark chocolate. Creamy with just a tiny bit of (peat) smoke. Quite delicate with some floral and herbal influences present. Clean barley and toasted wood, but also quite sweet, displaying a more medium sherry influence.


Not very long and clean. Normally I like the drying influence of the sherry accompanied with the nutty warming and balanced tannins of the grapes. But this dram lacks that, it feels somewhat watery as if it is diluted too much, resulting in a fast fading away of the taste.


Nose is the best part of the dram; I think it is diluted too much which affect the following stages of the tasting. The taste is all right, it is showing a let say medium amount of sherry influence, but the finish is a little bit to watery.


Not a bad sherried matured dram, but for my taste it lacks some oomph. It is quite easy to drink, but missing some things I like in sherried matured whiskies. I have another sample of a Linkwood in my collection, this time a 1973 version, will compare them one day.  Points: 79. Available at DH17Slijterijen costing € 56,75.



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