Whisky Tasting Oud Kempen Stavenisse

Last Friday I went to a tasting organised by a member of my whisky club. I arrived very early, but that did give me some time to talk to the tasting host Han Schoutens. Six whiskies are standing by to get tasted. I did amuse me very well and left the location at around 1 a.m. Well what whiskies did we taste ?

Dun Bheagan Rosebank 20yo 1989 French Oak cask 90721/90722 762btls 46%

A nice lowlander. Very crisp and fruitful nose, some grapes and apricot on the nose, accompanied by some barley, honey and just a touch of lime. Taste is as suspected light, fresh, little honey sweet, but also some light citric influence. Finish is short; the different aspects of the taste are quite light and fading away quickly. Good starter! Price indication € 120-130 (Too expensive for my liking)

Murray McDavid Macallan 12 yo Chateau Petrus cask 46%

The wine influence is definitely present. The colour has a red glow over it. The nose displays tones of grapes, red berries and cherries. Taste wise it is a summer fruitiness again different fruit types (grapes/berries and a little citric influence) keeps the dram in balance, although it develops even more (quite complex evolving nose and taste).  I am not a great fan so far for wine finished whisky, but this one is quite pleasant.

Glenfarclas 15 year old 46%

As usual beautiful sherry tones in the nose, some light nuttiness accompanied with fruit tones and some light present peat/smoke. The taste is delicate sherry, not overpowering, not too much drying but very excellent. Great dram!

Arran Sleeping Warrior 46%

No reason to alter my previous tasting note.

Ultimate Bunnahabhain Moine 4yo 46%

Definitely an Islay. Beautiful peat and smoke on the nose, some sweetness present also. The taste feels young (surprise, surprise) but the peat and smoke are great, accompanied with some sweetness. Very nice finish, great dram for a small price!

Murray McDavid Mission Bowmore Sherry Cask 56,1% Sherry cask

What is this? Don’t think this is a Bowmore; it has too much sherry influence and way too little Islay influence. Sherry bomb. Meaty and dry, light touch of sulphur. Getting some off-notes which I don’t like. Adding water gives some coastal notes and iodine, but the sulphur acts up and destroys this dram. Very bad!

Duncan Taylor The Big Smoke 60%

A vatting of Laphroaig, Ardbeg and Caol Ila. Nose definitely Islay, the power of an Laphroaig and the more coastal taste of the Caol Ila, but where is the Ardbeg. Taste is simple peat, smoke and a little bit of lemon, but that’s all. Nice dram but nothing more, luckily it is supposed to be cheap.

Conclusion:  Very nice tasting, but no extreme good whisky present. Best whisky of this evening, well the Jack’s Pirate 11year old I tasted after this tasting was the winner of the evening (I have a sample of this one and will review this later) followed by the Glenfarclas and the Moine. Worst whisky was the Bowmore, don’t know how they could bring this one on the market.


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