#OPrttp Old Pulteney NAS Limited Row to the Pole Single malt

The whisky I am tasting throughout the twitter sphere today is an exclusive Old Pulteney expression commemorating the first ever successful row to the magnetic North Pole. Old Pulteney Row to the Pole took place earlier this year. There is no age statement on the bottle, whiskies used in this expression range from youngish to mature to offer complexity and balance. Whisky comes from ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks .Only 3,000 bottles are available worldwide. Bottled at 40% ABV.


The sherry casks influence shines through. It is gentle, crisp, very fresh and fruity (apple/pear). After some time more sherry and coastal notes (brine, a windy beach) appear, with some orange flavours also and a little bit of nuttiness.


The sherry on the nose is flawed by the influence of the bourbon casks, more balanced play between these two different casks. Taste is gentle, sweeter, creamy vanilla, quite a lot of fruit (apple/pear/orange peel) and a little bit of tannins (bitterness). Just before swallowing it still has that little salty/coastal kick present.


Still sweet and creamy. Feels quite delicate, but displays quite a long finish. Warming, a little tangy and some slight bitterness from the wood.


Great balanced, no overwhelming flavours, lacks a little bit complexity for my liking. But it is an excellent every day dram. Very gentle.


As said a nice every day dram, very gentle, nice package. Prices in the Netherlands not known yet. 81 points.


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Whisky enthousiast, working for a auditing firm. Loves Whisky, Wine, Music and a good meal.
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One Response to #OPrttp Old Pulteney NAS Limited Row to the Pole Single malt

  1. Great notes gert!
    pleasure meeting u online, again!

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