Glenglassaugh 31 year old 44,6%

This whisky is a special edition bottled for the 10th anniversary since the opening of The Whisky Exchange web shop. This particular whisky is distilled in 1978 en bottled in 2009. Cask not known but probably a refill sherry hogshead.  This one has a special ring to it while it is my first Glenglassaugh I am going to taste, but I already own a cask of Glenglassaugh whisky distilled 2010 resting in a Port Pipe. Time to see what this whisky will bring. Tasting glass is the usual Libbey Tasting glass. The colour is quite dark, but also with a slight red glow (wine cask used somewhere in the 31 year?)


Definitely a sherry influence. Dark grapes, but also a hint of red dried fruits accompanied by menthol and eucalyptus influence.  Light fruity tones of blackcurrant, prunes and raisins. Woodnotes are present at the back of the nose accompanied with a light leathery note. Slightly bitter.


Taste is excellent, beautiful fruity tones, a little bit mango/coconut accompanied with some orange. Spice too, especially cinnamon and a slight hint of nutmeg or cloves. Very alive taste for a 31 year old whisky with a slight but pleasant bitterness. Some nutty flavours too, probably toasted walnut.


Gentle and fruity (dried forest fruit and raisins). A little bit drying in your mouth, but also warming and some dark chocolate present. Also a quite heavy dark orange taste and some coffee notes keep me busy figuring out this dram.


Great balance. The probable Sherry cask is used fine. The sherry is definitely present, but not overpowering. It is a gentle, but quite complex dram, for an autumn evening. Very warming and I wish I had more of it….

With water:

Just added a little bit of water, the dram opens up in an explosion of fruitiness (more the fresh type of forest fruit and feels more orange sweet). The slight bitterness disappears, but the finish shortens.


A very different Sherry cask whisky then I have encountered so far. It is extremely pleasant to play with this dram. One of the best Sherried whiskies I’ve tasted so far. Points: 92. Not available anymore (prices were around GBP 120)





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