Sample #Bruichladdich DNA “MCMLXXVII” 1977/2010

The whisky I am going to taste tonight is an old Laddie. This particular whisky is distilled in 1977 and did survive the closure of Bruichladdich in 1995. The new owners decided to bottle this cask in 2010, only 844 bottles were derived from the original new Bourbon Cask at natural cask strength of 47,4%. This sample is derived from cask 324. While it is quite an old whisky it needs it time to open up. The colour is a nice mid-gold.


At first the nose is quite waxy and mineral (oily flavours). After letting it breathe for a while you will get an explosion of different smells:  Peach, Pineapple, Raisins, Honey, Oak, Melon, Lemon curd and a little bit of paraffin. Some hints of dark spices pop up and disappears again in the quite fruity nose before I could determine what they were. It keeps opening up and is quite complex, but wow this is a hell of a nose!


What started on the nose is followed by the taste, superb feeling of fruitiness, oily and velvety. Even more fruits come in to play with this time some tropical fruits added to the peachy and melon taste that is still present. Also some coastal influence, quite dark and on the background, as a beach area in the fall. I think it is the barley influence that gives this “dark” taste.


Long and warming, still finding flavours even if you swallowed the dram a while ago.  Again the Nose and Taste are followed up in the same manner. It is fruity, balanced and in away energizing, with a slight hint of mint. Can’t stop enjoying this dram….


There isn’t one note in this dram that isn’t adding to the complexity and extreme feeling of enjoyment while sipping this dram. The balance is simply superb!


This is very different than I expected from a Bruichladdich. Modern ones are usually more crisp and clean (at least the ones I tasted so far). This one has a depth and complexity that I didn’t encounter in many whiskies I tasted so far. Unfortunately I have had only a small sample, but this is a superb whisky, maybe even the best one I tasted so far. It is still available, but unfortunately it is quite expensive at around € 280. Points 96.


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