#GrantsTT Tasting four Grant’s whiskies

This night I took part in yet another twitter tasting. This time the subjects were some blends. But not just blends. The line- up started with the Ale cask, but ended with a 25 year old Blended whisky (which contains Ladyburn).  All whisky’s are at 40% ABV (I think), glasses used are Libbey Tasting Glasses.

Ale Cask:

The first one is the Ale cask finished blend.  While pouring the dram you instantly will get a beer type of smell (hoppy). On the nose there is a lot of cereal and grainy notes, accompanied by a little sweetness and grassy notes, but also some metal notes (simple grain whisky). But there is also a very strange off-note in the nose as well. The taste isn’t much better; again that strange odd off note keeps ruining the taste. Beside that it is quite soft and very malty with a lot of bitterness. The finish is very bitter, woody and malty. For the first time I really really dislike a whisky. Not a good start of the evening. Points 45 prices around GBP 16.

12 years old:

Nose is immediate a lot better. Richer, darker and more mature. Nice hints of vanilla, a little bit of hay accompanied with a somewhat sweeter type of smoke and a hint of orangemarmelade, with a waxy honeyed sweetness. Taste is very delicate and feels lost, light sweetness with some tannins and nutty, earthy flavours (actually I did get something as a dried Shi taki Mushroom style of taste). Also a little spicy hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. The finish is extreme short and watery, it ruins some of the quite nice tastes. It could definitely use a higher ABV. Points 60 prices around GBP 28

18 years old:

Colour is somewhat red-ish and the nose gives quite a fortified winey influence (it is finish on port casks). A lot of fruitiness especially red fruits with grapes, prunes and figs. Excellent evolving complex nose. The taste is again quite winey which I like a lot, the same fruits as before evolve greatly, accompanied with a nice touch of peat smoke and dark orange filled chocolate. Just a little touch of tannins and other wood influences. The Finish is quite warming, mature and just a little bit spicy. Will do great as a after dinner dram for accompanying some dark chocolate of a good piece of older Dutch cheeses. This is an excellent blend and a excellent port cask finish: Points 83 prices around GBP 45

25 year old (contains Ladyburn):

Very rich and mature nose. Quite a lot of peach on the nose, accompanied by sherry notes (dried grapes, nuts and a slight hint of pipe tobacco). Keeps evolving and will need some time. The taste is very warming and nutty, but also nicely creamy with a little bit of ginger spiciness in it. Also some dried fruits (figs/prunes) are playing in the background. The finish is quite long and warming with a slight hint of red orange and ginger, but in a more mellowed way than on the taste. Very nice blend, but just a little bit less than the 18yo: Points 80 prices around a GBP 160


A very nice tasting but again I didn’t like the low end blends and the Ale Cask…… The older ones however are very great and could easily compete with some nice malts, but honestly… giving the approx. Prices I would go for a single malt and not for a blend, although the 18 year old is very tempting.


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4 Responses to #GrantsTT Tasting four Grant’s whiskies

  1. Ludo says:

    Sorry to hear you didn’t like the Ale Cask, it was my favourite on the night! It goes to show how taste is such a personal sense…
    All the best.

    • gjr71 says:

      Ludo it doesn’t matter, taste as you state is personal (and even effect by a certain time and place) and I enjoyed the evening very much. The 18 and 25 are more of my liking and even better then some single malts I came across. A while ago I tasted the normal and sherry (I think) version and they are also quite good, so keep up the good work !

      • Ludo says:

        You’re absolutely right. I remember bringing a bottle of Glenfiddich back to Scotland from Shanghai once. I was convinced at the time that there was something wrong with it. It wasn’t corked but there was an unusual note which I had never come across before so I thought I would bring it back to our Malt Master for analysis. Flash forward a week and I am at my desk in Dufftown packing the very same bottle to send it to Glasgow. Thankfully though, I decided to nose it again to see if I could determine what was wrong with it before sending it. I was astonished to find it completely normal. Time and place do affect one’s nose. It was particularly hot and humid in Shanghai and this was bound to affect my sensory evaluation.
        Cheers, Ludo

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