OB versus IB Tasting at DH17Slijterijen

Last Saturday I visited an OB versus IB Tasting at my favourite liquor store: DH17 Slijterijen Bergen op Zoom. This tasting was the final event of their October Ultimate month. We tasted in a small group of 7 persons three pairs of whisky. There were two Fettercairns (never tasted them before), two Glenrothes and two Ardbegs.

Fettercairn 12 year old versus Ultimate Fettercairn 1995/2011

While Wouter from DH17 poured the whisky, the OB showed its nose immediately, a lot of caramel, fudge and toffee appeared, joined by dried fruit. The Ultimate did need more time and showed a more alcoholic smell at first (due to the +6% over the OB), but then it delivered an evolving smell of fruits and vanilla. The taste for the IB was more or less the same as the smell, but with a little bit of a zing, even the finish was more of the same. Not bad, but not very complex or playful. The Ultimate however keeps evolving. Tasted very fresh and fruity with an oily, creamy mouth feel. The finish was more present. Despite the slow starting nose the winner of this battle was the Ultimate by far due to its more complex, evolving and more mature feeling.

Glenrothes Vintage 1994/2006 versus Ultimate 1994/2011

At first there was a distinct woody and glue-ish smell with the OB. Again the Ultimate needed a little more time to open up. After a few minutes the nose off both where very similar. The Ultimate showing the Glenrothes trademark very well. The OB has some citrus notes and just a little bit of sulphur on the nose, while the Ultimate is somewhat sharper (+3% ABV). The taste of the OB was beautiful soft, warming and ending in buttery and creamy finish, while the Ultimate had a spicier finish with an influence of ginger and some oak. These two were very close and both had their pros. To me the OB won this battle by a very small margin due to its nice warming influence in the finish.

Ardbeg Ten versus Ardbeg 12 Nectar of the Daily Dram (CS at 55,4%)

Well I don’t have to explain the Ardbeg Ten much: The most peated standard whisky available is a great balanced peat and smokey whisky with a depth of taste and smells which is just excellent, while the Daily Dram is a lot fruitier and somewhat sweeter. The latter displays a gentler, but strongly evolving nose. Unfortunately the time was almost finished, so we had to end this two quite soon. The Daily dram won this battle, due to its beautiful evolving taste with fruity and floral influences. But we all concluded that this one is very expensive and most of us would but rather two Tens then one Daily dram (and still have some money left). Me if I had any budget left at the moment would buy the Daily dram, as it was the star of the afternoon to me…!

This was a great tasting which gave our tasting skills a great challenge, but it was great
fun and again as we are used too very well organized by the people of DH17. Looking forward to the next tasting!


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