Unwanted #whisky break

At first I want to thank all the 2011 visitors to my blog for their interest in what I have to say about several whiskies and wish them all a healthy new year full of excellent drams of whisky.

 The popularity of the blog is still growing despite the fact that I am not a very frequent and regular blogger so far, so it is time to evaluate the blogging action of 2011. Next year I will try to do more and more regular reviews then I did in 2011 (only 56 posts in 2011, I will be going for 100 post or more in 2012).  There will be a change in type of reviews also. Last year there were two different types of posts regarding the tasting of whisky: A single whisky was described or a tasting session was described. The last whisky post however was a head-to-head review, which I plan to do more often, although it is more difficult in the scoring area I liked it adds more value of the blog in my humble opinion. If any of my frequent readers have any other ideas feel free to share them with me!

But wait, I just stated that I will try to add more and frequent reviews, why is the subject of this post stating a whisky break then?

Unfortunately I am suffering quite a while with kidney problems. After lots of medical investigations they figured it out. One of my kidneys contains three different stones from less than one centimetre in diameter to almost five centimetres. I have to undergo surgery next week and due to that I am not allowed to drink high alcohol beverages for at least three weeks.

I hope you will forgive me for not publishing any whisky related post the coming weeks and I hope you will visit my blog again when I am able to taste whisky again. There might be a post in the mean time on the blog that will be whisky related, but that won’t be a tasting note.

See you soon again !


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Whisky enthousiast. Loves Whisky, Wine, Music and a good meal.
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3 Responses to Unwanted #whisky break

  1. Edward Smith says:

    Sterkte, ik zal er af en toe een voor je drinken….

  2. This is not about forgiveness, Gert-Jan! Sure we can understand it! No problem.

    Maybe you can write a blog / review about a book or maybe your plan for 2012 or… 🙂

  3. a3 says:

    Hey GJR, ik hoop dat alles goed verlopen is en dat je voorspoedig herstelt.
    Groeten van Adri

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