#VodkhanTT : Tasting three Vodka’s

Celebrating my return to being allowed to drink alcohol again I am this evening participating in a Vodka Twitter tasting (Dutch, organised by MongolianSpirits). I didn’t taste any good Vodka so far. While it is a different ball game tonight I won’t be scoring the tasted Vodka’s. Which one did we taste?

Khubilai Finest Premium Vodka (MongolianSpirits)

Six times filtered Vodka (quartz sand). Nose is very smooth and soft. Clear with distinct anise and citrus influence. Somewhat spicy and mineral influence also. Italian Gelato (Citrus flavour). Taste more spicy, cinnamon, smooth and creamy. Again the Gelato influence present. Finish is a little bit short, a little bit grainy, a little dry with a slight but friendly bitterness. Someone mentioned Tiramisu and I can agree with that, lots of Italian flavours playing around.

Grand Khaan Premium Vodka (MongolianSpirits)

Three times distilled and eleven times filtered (Birch Wood). Extremely pure smell and taste, very soft, but also a little bit crispiness (grain influence). Again the Anise and Citrus influence. More balanced than the Khubilai, more evolving flavours, more spices and wood influence (even getting some apple somewhere). Again very creamy finish, this one is for pure enjoyment!! Best Vodka I ever tasted!!

Grey Goose

One of the supposed leaders in the Vodka industry. More rough, less pure, more mineral influence. Less smooth and soft then the former two, despite its claim to be the world’s smoothest vodka.  Taste is mellow, nothing much happening despite a little bit cacao influence. Finish, what the hell is happening, softness disappears and more spiciness kicks in, not unpleasant, but killing the feel of the drink, although in a way I like the surprise.


A very good tasting with the Grand Khaan leading by far. The Grey Goose gets lost and is left behind. The Khubilai is very good balanced and coming second, but not by far, the intriguing finish of the Grey Goose getting him closer to its completion without getting to near. Nice tasting which shows that good Vodka is a great product. Will I buy it, maybe, but whisky is still more of my liking, but I learned a lot tonight! So thanks to Mongolian Spirits for organizing this tasting and letting us getting more familiar with their products which are new to the Dutch market. For sale at Dh17slijterij.



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