#Kintra #Whisky Twitter Tasting #twaist02

After the first Dutch Twaisting (with YouTube video’s enhanced twitter tasting) from Genietschap Whisky & More a while ago, it was time for the second edition. This time they organised a tasting with the Dutch Independent Bottler Kintra. Again enhanced with videos in which Erik Molenaar (owner of Kintra) explained the whisky’s under investigation this night. I was looking forward to this tasting because of the usually high quality of Erik’s Whisky’s in earlier encounters (Twitter Tasting and Whisky Festival The Hague last year). Which whisky’s did we have this night?

Glen Garioch 49,6% ABV Single Cask #5873 distilled 07/1990 bottled 05/2011

The first thing you will notice with this whisky, is that it has a distinct greenish glow. Nobody has a clue why or how this happened. The whisky is bourbon barrel aged. The nose at first was a little chemical which frightened me a bit, but luckily it disappeared very quickly. After this strange start lots of sweet vanilla appeared with a lot wood influences also. After a while a malty/grainy notes appear (roasted grains as in muesli), but also fresh hay. The taste surprised me again. Very fruity with a pleasant ginger spicy kick accompanied with just a slight bitterness. A little particular dram (positive way). Interesting whisky. Points : 80.

Benrinnes 58,6% ABV Single Cask #2272 distilled 17/10/1984 bottled 26/09/2011

Matured in a refill sherry cask. At the first smell a somewhat alcohol boost due to the higher Alcohol level. Needs time to open up, but when that happens, you will find some old dusty leathery smell of old books in the library and just a slight hint of glue and sulphur (for me just enough to be on the positive side). After a while breathing in the glass beautiful sweetness appears as in freshly blossoming flowers and blossom honey and lots of fruits (raising, dried apricot and more). Somewhat dry finish due to the present tannins. I like this style of whisky and wish I could enjoy it longer, giving it even more time to show all the flavours this dram possibly consists off. Points: 85

Glen Scotia 51,8% Single Cask #5 distilled 03/1992 bottled 11/2011

A new bottling of Glen Scotia after a supposingly stunning earlier one. Very curious about this one. No one had the opportunity to taste this one as this isn’t available in the shops just yet. No issue seeing that this one has the most sherry influence of the line-up. Matured in a first fill sherry cask for this period of time is showing off. Lots of nutty sherry influence (freshly roasted peanuts/almonds) accompanied by sultanas and balsamic vinegar, but then it happens. Suddenly a distinct saltiness (fleur de sel) and fresh smoke (a piece of wood just started to smoulder). The taste is more sugary sweet, fruity (dried fruits), but also some fruity bitterness as in an orange marmalade. The finish is stunning, beautiful ending, with old leather, very dark bitter chocolate and again that extreme pleasant somewhat salty smokiness. This I could easily enjoy an entire evening, delicious! No questions asked, this is the winner of the evening and is going very high on the wish list depending on the price level it deserves to be present in my whisky cabinet. Excellent work Erik! Points: 91


Again a great twitter tasting and a very pleasant evening. Also a confirmation of the quality of the Kintra brand. If you get the opportunity to get your hands on one of the expressions, don’t hesitate, I won’t!


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  1. Edward Smith says:

    Hey GJ
    Dat heb je weer mooi opgenoteerd.
    Groetjes Edward

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