#dramset 3 Glendronach 21 year old Parliament

Just by getting the sample bottle out of the box, the dark teak wood like colour is screaming for your attention, so let us pour this sample in the trusted Libbey Tasting Glass and see what this obviously sherried whisky will bring us. Oh by the way, it has a maturation combination of ex-oloroso en ex-PX Sherry cask and comes with an ABV of 48%.


Well no trouble finding the sherry influence there. At first just a hint of sulphur which quickly disappears in bitter chocolate, balsamic vinegar and sweet raisins (dried ones recuperated with cognac or rum). After some time the more woody tones of several types of nuts appears and just a touch of leather and dried figs. The nose feeling just a little bit closed and in need of time to completely open up. So give it some time, while it is if you like quit heavily sherried drams is worth it! I like it a lot, getting a feeling of autumn (I know it is almost springtime but nevertheless), falling leaves and so on. Excellent!


Off course the sherry influence keeps continuing in this area with a lot of dried fruits (raisins/figs but also some fresh orange peels) combined with a nutty flavours (walnut/hazelnut) and hints of spices and herbs in the background. Again take your time while there is happening a lot in the background of this dram. After a while the spices seems to be a touch of ginger combined with cloves. The herbs are difficult to define. Also lots of dark oak. Again a fine ongoing taste sensation to my opinion, but hey I am getting weak when drinking these types of whisky.


Hmmm.  Would expect a longer more vibrant finish, never wanted to add water to this dram, but now I get the feeling it could do with just a bit less water added by Glendronach. Don’t get me wrong it is finishing in proper sherried whisky style. Little drying, lots of chocolate combined with dried fruits, some coffee and leather. But after the nose and taste it falls just a little bit short.


Well what to say? It is greatly balanced in its progress from your nostrils to your mouth and further on and I like it a lot. But further on in the tasting progress I can’t get rid of the feeling that the dram could offer more, but I well aware of the fact that I am not able to pinpoint what it is what I am missing so it is just a feeling.


Again a great dram from the guys at Glendronach if you like sherried whisky. Good balanced and an excellent nose. The scoring? Well I am in doubt. I like it a lot, but is it good enough to get into the nineties? After giving it some thoughts I forced to conclude ‘No’ and score it at 88 points, just above the Glendronach Revival I tasted earlier.


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