#dramset3 Jura Boutique Barrel 1999 Heavily Peated Bourbon Cask

A dram from the latest dramset by Dh17slijterij. This time one of the Isle of Jura Boutique series particular the latest one: The Bourbon XU Heavily Peated Cask. Distilled in 1999 and matured till 2006 in an American White Oak cask. For the final stage of maturation (till 2010) it was recasked in first fill bourbon cask and put to rest in Warehouse no.2. It is a limited edition priced around € 55. It comes at an ABV of 55% and displays a nice somewhat dark golden colour. The tasting glass used is a Libbey Tasting Glass.

Nose: No doubt about it, oh yes it is peated. At the first glance quite heavily too. Quite some high alcohol notes also. Let it rest for a short time. Displaying peat but different then the Islay peatiness. Getting something gassy as cooking on a camping cooking unit and lots of pinewood. The peatiness is softening out displaying a second layer with very nice fresh grassy and fruity notes. Also some light vanilla sweetness appears. Very playful nose. Never leaving the peatiness behind but excellent balanced with fresh Middle East fruits.

Taste: Quite heavy on the alcohol. Nice warming peaty smokiness and quite a lot of wood. Again the next sip is mellowed down peat smoke and giving more gentle fruity notes and some roasted nuts. The fruit is feeling warm, soft and little bittersweet (Old English orange marmalade). Full bodied and after the initial sip still gentle. Not overpowering but very pleasant.

Finish: Quite long tantalising finish. Very very pleasant mouth feel, getting an ashy and drying finish with quite a lot of wood and some little sweet fruitiness.

Balance: Simple a relaxing peaty dram. Nothing spectacular but extremely enjoyable with a seemingly long ashy finish. Enough flavour development to keep you interested and wanting to take another sip.

Conclusion: I like this type of dram. It keeps my mind busy, but is not to difficult to “understand” and thus able to be a regular friend. One flaw with this one. At first the tantalising feeling in your mouth is pleasant, but after a few sips it is getting less pleasant, maybe adding just a touch of water could benefit this dram. But for reviewing purpose I didn’t add any. Score: 84 points.


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