Highland Park 12 year old

One of my first whisky’s I tried is coming close to being just an empty bottle. Just in time to write a review on this fairly cheap Island whisky.  I think this was the second or third whisky I bought and I remember of being quite fond of it. So let us see what taste development does to a whisky.


Quite silky flavours. Heathery fresh honeyed sweetness accompanied with quite a lot herbal and floral influences as in walking through a garden which is combining herbs like rosemary with flowers like lilies and some sort of roses. Also some fruits coming from a sherry cask, some orange peel, and fresh white grapes and somewhat like sugared pineapple (the canned ones). Pleasant sweetness, gentle and playful, with a developing smoky peatiness.


Lots of silky sweetness, followed by the gentle smoke/peat. Again the same fruit flavours coming out to play as the nose stated : A playful orange peel bitter sweetness with the somewhat acidic flavours of pineapple and a touch of lemon. Quite some spiciness from pepper and cardamom. Just a hint of bitterness from the tannins coming probably from the used sherry barrels. Pleasant but just a bit dull.


Despite the low abv of 40% the finish is quite spicy and sharp-ish. Never quite overpowering the gentle and pleasing style of this whisky. Some more smoke is coming into the play. A slight bitterness, though not unpleasant displaying the wood influence.


Balanced in gentle flavours with just a slight spicy and smoky kick. Pleasant dram albeit somewhat dull.


In the beginning this was one of my favourite whisky’s and I would easily score it around 90, but know it is a pleasant somewhat oversweet dram, which is not bad, but the dullness is costing it points. At this time I would score it around 78. But as a whisky to start your whisky career with regarding its price it is highly recommended as this is one of the whiskies that did get me infected! But for now it will be still one or two drams and then it will be bye bye to this dram as I don’t think it will be replaced by another Highland Park 12.


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