Laphroaig Quarter Cask (48%, 2008 version)

Again one of the first whisky’s I ever bought and not yet reviewed. For most people this brand is a hate it or love it brand, and I usually love it, especially the younger ones.  So be warned! The version I posses is as mentioned the 2008 version and isn’t displaying any age statement. The tasting glass used is an Libbey tasting glass.


At first the intense iodine flavoured smoked peat appears, directly followed by hints of sweetness. A second smell displays different sea influences from sea weed, salt and sand. The medicinal notes keep playing a hell of an influence. The influence of the smaller quarter casks displays more vanilla and creamy, velvetly notes. Extreme pleasant nose!


At first a bit soft and mellow, but then the peat/smoke/iodine hits you full in your face. Combined with the ocean like flavours it has a salty tang to it. Also some herbal influences present. The quarter cask displays it influence here in the way of spicy woodtones, but the main taste is smoky peat!


Long long peaty and ashy finish which I like a lot. Again displaying some woody, nutty influence of the quarter cask combined with earthy hints and even some freshly grinded coffee smells is entering your nose through your mouth. A excellent finish of burning embers of peat, iodine and some balancing bitter sweetness. Usually I am playing quite a long time with a single sip, letting it role through your mouth, enjoying the burning alcohol combined with the lovely peat and smokiness gives me a lot of pleasure.


For me this is excellent balanced, just enough sweetness and wood influences to keep the dram very interesting to play with. The iodine influence I like a lot, but I can see why some people hate this brand, but luckily I don’t !


One of my favourites and very affordable also. When the bottle is emptied I already know I will be replacing this one with a new version of the Quarter Cask. Points will be probably no surprise : 92 points.


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