#AnCnocPa Twitter tasting of AnCnoc new Peter Arkle version

A special AnCnoc this one. Fully matured in Fino sherry casks, as to the usual combo of sherry and bourbon cask. It has no age statement as far as I know. So let us start!

Nose: Rich honeyed, burnt sugar smell. After a while getting more and more honeyed coated nuts, slight hint of salt and a tiny tiny hint of sulphur. Sweet with some vinegar freshness (not the balsamic vinegar I usually get from full sherry matured whisky). A little bit young. Vanilla sweetness building up with after sometime in the glass some light pepper (maybe a hint of white pepper). Very pleasant and not overpowering.

Taste: Lots of fruits, somewhat like an apple/raisins/vanilla sponge cake topped with caramelised sugar. Somewhat meaty but also very fresh. Next sip displaying the more usual notes from dried raisins and other dried or baked fruits (again thinking of baked apple/pear with sugar) and some orange zest/marmalade hints. Oily. Again extremely pleasant, with a hint of spices. Pleasantly balanced, wanting to take another sip at once.

Finish: Very oily sweetness in the mouth, sweetness evolving in a slight dryness with a touch of white pepper. Again wanting to take another sip.

Conclusion: Great balanced dram, not over complex or overwhelming sherry influence. Pleasant drinkable dram, which in my opinion is dangerous. It is very good and you will empty your glass extremely fast. Points : 87. Might pick up one if my budget lets me and i can find it anywhere!


About gjr71

Whisky enthousiast, working for a auditing firm. Loves Whisky, Wine, Music and a good meal.
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