Benrinnes 25 year old Bladnoch Forum Bottle

The first of several editions brought to us by the Bladnoch Forum which I still had lying around. Benrinnes…. Well never tasted it before, so I am curious about what this has to offer. Benrinnes is not quite big in the Single Malts; most of it is used in the blending process for Diageo (i.e. Johnny Walker range).  As stated it is 25 years old distilled 17 October 1984 and bottled at 51% on 19th of August 2010. The colour doesn’t state it age, it is a sort of bright hay like yellow. Cask not known as far as I know.

The nose:

The nose is quite closed alcoholic, a bit resin like. Odd nosing. Feels like strong bourbon. Getting some lemon and melon notes, but it is all difficult to pinpoint.  After a while opening up it gets some floral/herbal notes attached to the resin/waxy styled dram. It is quite complex but feel like a pinball machine, quick tones of aroma’s appear and disappear. Very difficult and quite odd. Don’t know what to think about it.

The taste:

Creamy caramel pops up in my mind. Hits you back with quite a lot of spices and some sweet citrus notes. Quite meaty, roasted grains or something like that, again it isn’t talking to me much. I feel like I have to pull hard to get any decent aromas out of it. A bit shy of showing itself, hiding behind the alcohol. Still don’t get 25 year old, feeling much younger.

The finish:

Flavour wise quite short, leaving you with the alcohol tingle in your mouth. Slight hints of fruits, somewhat sweet, somewhat sour. Again some hints of caramel, creamy and buttery. Finally some woodnotes arrive, some burnt oak and feint hints of tannins.

The balance:

While finishing this dram, I don´t know what to say. It is balanced in its way and it needs time, getting more and more aroma´s, but again pinpointing them is harsh with this whisky.  It might need some water or more heat (will do a discussion post about this subject soon) to open it up, but it is  fighting it as it is afraid to give its secrets away and for reviewing purpose I don’t add water to a dram.


This dram leaves me flabbergasted, don’t know what to think about it. The shy-ness lets me wanting it more, to completely figure it out, but at the same time at the moment I don’t want to get in a fight with this dram to do so. Mixed emotions! Scoring isn’t easy, at this time and in this mood I would score it 73 points.






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One Response to Benrinnes 25 year old Bladnoch Forum Bottle

  1. I found a lot of the bottles from that share quite boring to be honest. I think that was the least interesting batch. It’s always a gamble with Bladnoch Forum Bottles, but there have been some true gems as well.

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