Linkwood 1973 The Whisky Exchange 10th Anniversary

A sample from The Whisky Exchange 10th Anniversary bottle share by It has been a while to taste one of these whiskies, so it is time to taste one. This particular one is from an unknown distiller for me. Distilled in 1973 and bottled in 2009, so it is 36 years old. It comes at a natural cask strength of 49, 7% and has rested in a bourbon cask. It used to be available at around 170 GBP. Let us start.


Wow! Very fruity nose, lots of ripe fruits and wood. Let me see if I can pinpoint some. I am getting ripe figs, banana, plums, mango and orange. Definitely a fruit basket!  Love nosing it! There is also a distinct spiciness around, some light ginger, white pepper and wood spices as nutmeg and cinnamon. Also getting some caramel and vanilla from the bourbon cask. It is still kicking alive after 36 years, displaying its age beautiful.


Showing its age more than the nose does. Soft, but also some spiciness tantalising your mouth. The ginger/white pepper is present as is the entire fruit basket. On the taste the wood is more present, a tad bitterness and oak flavours, a little touch of pineapple and coconut. There is a lot going on in your mouth and needs its time.


Still very fruity, but also a slightly old feel due to the tannins coming into the equation. Still has a ginger kick to it, the fruitiness is less prominent but oh boy it is still present, but more difficult to pinpoint the different fruits.


In one word: Superb!  It is everything you want from a dram, complex, fruity, still quite easy to enjoy. Superb whisky!


Don’t know if this is the signature of Linkwood, but this one is extreme! Enjoyed it greatly to taste this and will enjoy the leftover in my glass for I think the rest of the evening! Oh wait still have to give my points for this dram, well it wouldn’t surprise you the score will be high: 95 points!!!



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