#CBTT2 Compass Box Twitter tasting part 2

This time I got in this tasting, I missed out of part 1. The tasting is all about the new Flaming Heart edition 2012. But there are two more Compass Box dram’s included in this tasting: The Oak Cross, which I never had before and the Hedonism.  The Hedonism I had once before as a Flaming Heart (10th Anniversary edition). Will be fun to see if my notes will be in line with those before I thought at the start, but soon we were to find out that the blends are changed since those editions. I explain later, let us start with the Oak Cross.

Oak Cross

Blended Malt consisting primarily of Teaninich and Clynelish (also a third one, but did miss that information).  Bottled at 43% and Non Chill Filtered.

The nose is a bit like bourbon, lots of liquorice and vanilla at first. Then followed by lots of oak, forest fruits, butterscotch and anise.  Very clean and crisp and after a while displaying some anise seeds combined with chocolate (after dinner mints?) and some ginger spice kick. The taste is lemon curd all over it, very soft and fruity (apple, banana, lemon) with wood spices (cloves, nutmeg) but also with slight hints of flowery notes (rose) and the oak displaying slight hint of nuttiness.  Also Clynelish waxy. The finish is a bit dry with a slight bitterness. Again reasonably oily/creamy with lots of wood related aroma’s (nuts, ginger, vanilla, cloves) also some green peppercorns.

Good dram for everyday or when it is hot outside. Pleasant starter. Scoring it 81 points.


Blended grain consisting of 49% Cameron Bridge (1997), 44% Dumbarton (1993) and Port Dundas (1991) The one I tasted before didn’t had the Dumbarton and Port Dundas in it. Again bottled at 43%.

The nose is at first the normal note I get from grain whisky: Glue (Velpon, Rubber Cement). Still a bit strange but not unpleasant.  This one is better than the former Hedonism, opening up much more displaying coconut, lemon and melon ( 😉 )Also some varnish and quite a bit of ginger. The Glue-ish note is very prominent. The taste is very fruity and milky. Malty flavours appearing also, breakfast cereal, combined with milk, chocolate and vanilla. Also somewhat meaty as you get with a shitake mushroom. The finish is quite long, but has a distinct malty bitterness surrounding it.

I still like these types of grains, but I need to taste more of them, I find it a bit difficult to get my nose 😉 behind it. Scoring it at 85 points.

Flaming Heart 2012 limited edition

A blend of Clynelish, Laphroaig and Ardmore. The Laphroaig joined this blend instead of the Coal Ila with the Flaming Heart 10th edition. Ages are 6 to 17 year old. Price will be around 100 euro. Bottled at 48,9%.

The nose more aged darker and displaying leather, library, smouldering woods and hints of a fire place or campfire.  The Laphroaig getting there with some saltiness, iodine, seaweed notes and off course a good amount of smokiness. Also a slight touch of balsamic vinegar (from the French oak Clynelish) and alcohol welded raisins. Combo giving me a bit of Ardbeggian feel. The taste is smoky!!!, lots of coastal influences as you usually will encounter with different Islay drams. Meaty with some nutmeg, evolving with a lot creamy, oily waxiness. Excellent and enjoyable. The finish is long, smoky, peaty with hints of orange oil and wet wood.

This is an excellent dram! Better i.m.h.o. then the Flaming Heart 10th Anniversary, the Laphroaig bringing this dram to life, like it a lot. Scoring it at 91 points!





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