Dailuaine 1983 Archives range

Most of the whisky lovers are familiar with the whiskybase site to keep track of your whisky collection. Since some time the guys behind the site also run a shop situated in Rotterdam and releasing whisky under their own label. The label is called Archives and the subject of this post is a proud member of their first release. It also is going to be my first Dailuaine ever, so I am very curious about this one. It is a single cask, distilled 23.02.1983 and bottled on 04.01.2012 so it is 28 year old. It matured in a Hogshead numbered 865. The cask delivered 265 bottles at a strength of 47, 3% and is still available at their shop for 85 euro’s. Let me see what this whisky will bring.


Starts of a bit buttery, opening up with citrus freshly cut wet grass and vanilla. The nose is giving different layers at each sniff which is off course very enjoyable. A next sniff gives me fresh cut apple, grapefruit, but also something dessert like. Very creamy but also very fruity. Even some flowery hints seem to be appearing in the background also some furniture polish (in a good way). Very pleasant and enjoyable nose.


Very buttery/waxy, with a nice sweetness combined with the citrus notes, again the feeling of a dessert like taste. Fruitiness develops to more red grapefruit and mandarin. Also the grasses also appear. Again there is a lot going on in a pleasant way, once you think you pinpoint one flavour another comes into play. A bit of sweet stone fruit (cherries) appearing also, combined with some woody oiliness. A little bit spicy also which fade away reasonably quick but returns in short whiffs. Like it!


Pleasant soft with a tad of bitterness and sweetness. Again a fruit basket but also more wood spices (cloves) and just a pinch of ginger.  Nicely warming and playful.


Nicely balanced complexity. Gently letting you explore this whisky, not exploding in our face but letting you peel layer for layer. Like the warming finish which fits the autumns like weather. ABV gives enough punch, you don’t need to water it down, but you also am not wishing it wasn’t bottled at a higher ABV if this was possible (think this one is at natural cask strength).


Don’t know if this Dailuaine shows what a bottle of this distillery delivers, but I really like this one. Wish I had some budget left, but unfortunately I have to cut down the buying of whisky for a while, overspent a bit this year.  Scoring it will be at 88 points!





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