Glenmorangie Ealanta

glenmorangie-ealantaThe new 2013 edition within the Private Edition Range and in this range the fourth edition. After the great Artein in 2012, this one is “ a rare limited edition, aged in the finest virgin oak casks, made from slow growth American white oak sourced from the northern slopes of the Missouri Mark Twain forest” . So this is a 1993 vintage (bottled 2012 so 19 years old) matured in heavily charred white oak. It comes at a pity low 46% ABV especially for a limited release. Not quite sure about colouring, but hey it is NCF…..  Let us see.


A bit closed at first, quite sweet with ripe peach and apricot. A bit almond oil flavour behind the initial nose.  After a while a gentle spiciness of cinnamon and still more tropical fruits appears. It lets me think oriental. Quite a bit of honeyed sweetness on the nose too. But still it isn’t that powerful, it keeps it gentle. The heavy charring not displaying itself so far. Almost going into the bourbon territory with some coconut and some mint influence. Pleasant, but very gentle.


Starts of silky, smooth and very (bourbon like) sweetness, but then the spicy woodnotes interfere. It gets very woody and spicy if you let it linger in your mouth longer, again some oriental influence appears, a combination of Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and oriental five spices (especially the fennel seeds and star anise is getting there). The fruitiness is more backed out, but still the normal Glenmorangie fruits of Peach, Apricot and Tangerine are still present. Talking a small sip this time, it is more overly sweet with some charred apple.


One word: Woody. And a bit too much for my liking this tasting. It is overwhelming with lot of oak, and ending in quite a bitter tone (and I did experience that I usually don’t like that). Still need to figure out if the bitter nutty and woody finish is good for me. Overall the finish is unbalanced. The fruits could have benefit from a higher ABV (low 50’s I guess).


The nose is what you expect from Glenmorangie, a bit gentle, smooth and quite sweet almost like they arrange that. The taste is quite moving to the oriental tasting palate, which I like, but don’t take a too great sip or the extreme powerful wood destroys your taste. The finish is simply too woody. Do I like this dram, well yes and no. There are certain good things but there are some faults for my taste also. Luckily it never gets that unbalanced overall to not enjoy it, but I have had better Glenmorangie’s (although not reviewed, please believe my I did). Scoring is difficult and not sure about it, well…. I would say 79 points.


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2 Responses to Glenmorangie Ealanta

  1. Didnt manage to get a sample yet. but i saw Serge was not big on this too.
    u bought a bottle?

    • gjr71 says:

      I did order a sample at first, but when I went to pick it up, I got the change to taste it in the store and it smelled good, the taste and finish was due to the very limited tasting amount not that far off as I have now, so I also bought a bottle. The sample is gone now and in both occasions I more or less came to the same conclusion. The bottle will stay closed. (not sure what to do with it yet, might swap it or something like that).

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