#BushmillsMB Flash Mob Tasting

20130317_150609A while ago, Johanne came with an idea to try a flash mob tasting which would take place on Saint Patricks Day (today) and off course it would have to be a review of an Irish whiskey.  As you might know, I am always in for such events, albeit a weekend filled with whisky so far. I did have a tasting with Jan Beckers last Friday (7 Provenance/OMC) and a friend came to visit last night and off course we had some whisky 😉 . I hope my taste buds will still work. So let us see.

The whiskey to be tasted is the Bushmills Black Bush “matured to perfection in sherry casks”. Bottled at 40% and off course triple distilled. Colour looks nice, but doesn’t say a thing (it has colouring). It is a blended whisky (supposed to have an 80% Single Malt content)


I did make some samples for friends earlier so I did sniff the whisky one time before today and I must say it was pleasant.  The nose starts quite sweet and is a bit held back. It has quite a lot of honey and citrus on the nose. It isn’t that grainy. The grain whisky is present with a slight gluey hint in the back. But in all it is fruity, reasonable warm, but also a bit closed.


Quite gentle, sweetness, a bit cereal.  A pleasant amount of raisins combined with honeycomb and again that orange. It is as a gentle fruitcake. Not overwhelming but simply a pleasant companion on a spring day. A bit later some bubblegum (I getting a bit Hubba Bubba style sweetness) with a hint of some red fruits.


A bit sharper than expected, probably due to the grain. After the sharpness fade there is some orange filled milk chocolate feel, if you let the chocolate slowly melt in your mouth. At the very end it becomes a bit toasty.


Not much wrong with this blended whisky. In my opinion it would be a good companion with friends on a patio or a party or something like that. It isn’t that deep in flavour layers and quite soft, but there is really nothing wrong with it and it is really pleasantly priced also.



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Whisky enthousiast, working for a auditing firm. Loves Whisky, Wine, Music and a good meal.
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