Mortlach 2002 Cask Sample cask 5604

As stated this is a cask sample derived from a cask which I partly own. The Mortlach is distilled 21 may 2002 and is maturing in a hogshead. The sample I have (thanks to co-owners from TheCasQueteers) is from January 2013. At that time the abv was 59%. The colour is quite pale.


Immediately very fruity and floral. Fresh but honeyed. Quite some citrusy, but more the tropical kind, Cactus fruit comes into mind, also lemongrass which leads to slight freshly mown grass smell. The floral notes are not easy to determine (my fault, lack of knowledge).Vanilla sweetness.


Quite punchy and darker then the nose. Very oily, I could easily blind see this as a Clynelish.  Wood influence is quite present and showing ginger, cloves and cardamom. Fruitiness is shifted to the background. Still a nice balanced sweetness after the initial taste. A bit meaty, but also, and this is something I don’t easily say, it needs some water at this time. Then it opens up and the fruity goodness from the nose is back, but shifting once more to tropical fruits. I even get a bit of Lychee which is good.


Strong and long. Very oily, but balanced between fruits, spices and sweetness.


At almost eleven years old it is very promising. I would like to get the ABV a bit more down naturally for letting the fruit shine. Now without water added (3-4 drops) it is a bit to overpowering.  Looking forward to taste this one soon again to see its progress. Probably to be bottled around 2017.


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