Kilkerran W.i.p. 5 Sherry Wood 2013

Kilkerran-Work-in-Progress-5-Sherry-Wood-9-years.5415aTo continue my Campbeltown mood after last Friday’s Campbeltown tasting (which included the W.i.p. 3 (no notes)) at my whisky club, I thought to give it a go with one of the latest releases. The Work In Progress yearly releases of 2013 contains of two versions, one a Bourbon wood and the other a Sherry Wood Matured version. I do own the Sherry Wood Matured so it was quite easy to select that one for a further review.  It comes at an ABV of 46% Non Chill Filtered and not coloured.

Nose: At thirst there is a lot of orange and honey present. After a while opening up to an array of delightful fruitiness covered with a sherried and honey sweetness (albeit rather lightly sherried). Picking up sultanas (duh), apples (the hot filling of a great apple pie) and mango. The nose is quite rich and buttery. A bit restraint and shy but nice to fiddle around with.

Taste: A bit spicier then the nose. Again quite a big amount of honey and orange (now it turns more to the zest or marmalade). Next to the fruits as mentioned there is a distinct influence of wood spices. Picking up some ginger, cloves and cinnamon giving the dram a somewhat darker, warmer feel then the somewhat distinct nose.

Finish: Evolving more and more to an oaky finish. Lots of wood. A bit burnt nuts, honeyed coated almonds and quite a distinct bitter orange, dark chocolate finish.

The distillery is in production since 2004 so this is still young with a maximum of 8 or 9 years. There is no statement how old this version is or how long it matured on sherry wood.  But I like it although in my mind the bourbon w.i.p.3 was still a bit better, might have to

 I am certainly looking forward to the next release which will be on the market soon.


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1 Response to Kilkerran W.i.p. 5 Sherry Wood 2013

  1. Marcel says:

    “But I like it although in my mind the bourbon w.i.p.3 was still a bit better, might have to”
    Do you mean there w.i.p. 5?

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