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Glassaugh 19This post is more about the experience then giving you tastings notes, so don’t expect long notes…. 😉 . My hometown liquor store is organising whisky tastings in a different form. It is named “whiskyexperience”. A very informal tasting. About ten to fifteen people attend these evenings at a regular base (monthly) and it is a lot of fun. For the entrance fee of only ten euro’s the people of World of Drinks select several new editions to taste, but after that it’s a more or less free tasting of the 150 plus open bottles of whisky present in the tasting room. It is a low profile tasting, everyone can join (starter, but also the more experienced whisky enthousiast) Due to the amount of open bottles the evenings can go every way in the learning progress about whisky… But the main reason to go: It’s a great evening out with a super fun atmosphere.

TurretThe last tasting last Friday was all about the stores whisky of the month The Glenturret 10 and the Glenglassaugh Torfa so we were told.  Glenturret I never tasted before and the Torfa I was quite curious about it, so off course I visited this evening (as I try to do every time). Well as a surprise Erik Jan (EJ) from the store put another new whisky on display and this was the new Arran Lochranza.. (this is showing off how surprisingly these evenings can be, if EJ is having a good time with the people attending, he opens up a different bottle then announced as an extra).

The Glenturret 10 year old was surprisingly pleasant, not complex, very fruity and light.  Lots of orange, ginger and strawberry going on smelling this dram. The taste and finish, well pleasant but short and not much going on, even a bit watery (dammed 40% abv). A quite simple, but very good drinkable dram of whisky for a summer day and for a price somewhat below 30 euro’s reasonably priced. Again unfortunately also coloured…..

LochranzaAfter the Glenturret EJ opens up the new Arran Lochranza, at 43% a bit higher in abv. This one is much more closed and more complex the Turret. Darker flavours of toffee and chocolate are present, more oak influence. Much more herbal/spice combined with apple and barley ( a bit like fruit muesli). Honeyed apples and creamy. An entry level Arran with a superb price/quality ratio. Very pleasant to simply enjoy.

Then the Glenglassaugh Torfa.. Immediately more power (50%abv kicks in) and on the nose a very elegant somewhat fruity peated tone. Not as pungent as the usual Islay peated drams, but then it hits you, with quite some smokiness and also some coastal notes…. Then I stopped writing and started just enjoying this dram…. And decided to upgrade this to a must have status….. also very reasonable priced…

TorfaAfter that the evening went several ways for the people attending… At one point we were also watching Mark Dermul’s whisky ramblings about the Torfa and more….

After the announced subjest it continues in a free exploring the open bottles present in the tasting room. For me some nice drams followed including a Adelphi Macallan 19yo, a Royal Lochnagar 12 and then EJ came with an old Glenglassaugh 19yo (1986) from before the closing and I went silent……… very pleasant sherried dram at only 40% and more the six year standing there opened it still displaying a lot of flavour layers, just in the finish you get the effect of the long period opened and the 40%…. and now, well….. I am searching for one!.

Again this was an extremely pleasant, informal  evening in great company with again a great surprise… at such a evening in the past I had the opportunity to taste a Brora, Breath of Islay, Breath of Island and so on…..

Thank you EJ (and Mariette) for yet another great evening!


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