Several links

On this page I will name several site’s I visit a lot regarding whisky.

“My” Whiskyclub:

Whiskyclub  Bergen op Zoom (in Dutch)

Whisky stores:

The whisky stores where I purchased most of my Whisky are:

The World of Drinks 

Druiventuin Leiden (via webshop)

Gall & Gall Burgh Haamstede

Van Zuylen

Whisky fora:

I’m following these whisky fora:

Other sites:

Off course there are many other sites which I tend to follow, some of them are:

Drinks & Gifts Liquor store Krommenie

Malt fascination of Sjoerd de Haan (also organizer bottle shares)

Whisky Blog Israel from Gal Granov

Whiskyfun van Maltmaniac Serge Valentin



The Scotsdreamer: Whiskyblogger and organizer of twitter tastings

Ralfy’s Vlog

Jock Shaw’s Vlog

New whisky blog “Whiskygirl”


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